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Slovak asparagus in Slavia

Queen of vegetables in the menu again

If truffles are considered the queen of mushrooms, asparagus can definitely be considered as queen of vegetables. Although, until recently, it was almost unknown in Slovakia, asparagus had been considered a great delicacy as early as in ancient Egypt.

It retained its popularity through centuries as, apart from being a delicacy, asparagus has also been known as a medicine or even an aphrodisiac. As far as its medical effects are concerned, the ancient nations were right – asparagus contains lots of minerals, it has body purifying effects and contains anti oxidants.


Now you can taste Slovak asparagus specialties in new seasonal menu at Slávia:


Green Slovak asparagus
hollandaise sauce, poached egg and sovdra chips
130g (9,90 €)

Butter-fried Slovak wthie asparagus
lemon mayonnaise, mangalica lardo
150g (1,3,7)

Sliced grilled striploin steak qualivo
sautéed garlic green asparagus, homemade dried cherry tomatoes, bryndza sheep cheese foam
100g/80g (7)

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